Closer Cooperation

Cooperation is one of the key concepts embodied by IAF.  Other key concepts include:

    Equivalence of conformity assessment
    Equivalence of accreditation
    Certification in one country being accepted in another country in the interest of international trade

I take this opportunity to give an update on some cooperation, and apologize in advance for not giving an update on all cooperation.

…with ILAC

Even though the IAF-ILAC Joint Committee on Closer Cooperation (JCCC) was disbanded at the 2009 JGA in Vancouver, the cooperation between ILAC and IAF has continued to deepen and improve.

    The Joint Executive Committee (JEC) meetings have proven to be successful with more and more being discussed within the JEC and fewer issues being ILAC or IAF specific.

    March 2010 was the first attempt at changing what had, up to then, been the IAF Technical Committee meeting, into ILAC and IAF coordinated meetings; and due to the unforeseen circumstances in Tunisia this also became our first attempt to have the meetings directly hosted and managed by the Secretariats.  It was a success.  We hope to duplicate this success with the meetings in Frankfurt this year.

    Peter Unger as the ILAC Chair, and I as the IAF Chair, have been working very closely together to expand the recognition of both ILAC and IAF, and acceptance of the mutual recognition arrangements:  the ILAC MRA and the IAF MLA.   We have made joint presentations to several groups explaining how, through the peer evaluation process and the ILAC-IAF Arrangements, stakeholders can have confidence in accredited conformity assessment results so that CABs can be “accredited once and accepted everywhere” and there can be “one test, inspection, or certification, accepted everywhere”.

    In addition, through the JEC, in response to speaking invitations, we have made it a practice to have the agreed speaker present information on both ILAC and IAF.

So even though we are still two different organizations, we are continually getting better at working together, and at presenting united positions to the world.
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